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Lebanese Cuisine is known as one of the healthiest amongst other Middle Eastern cuisines. Influenced by many cultures throughout History, Lebanese cuisine has gained popularity throughout the world for being healthy, authentic and delicious in taste. With exotic flavours, Lebanese food still offers menu options that are healthy and that serve to all food lovers. Lebanese cuisines has vegetarian options, gluten free options, low calorie options, and of course variety of high quality meat options.

Lebanese Cuisine consists of vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, low-fat dairy products, pita bread, fine meats, grains, and rice. The majority of the ingredients used are naturally low in fat, a source of good fats, high in vitamins and minerals, sources of protein and dietary fibers.

Ingredients include and are not limited to:


Our salads are all rich in vegetables, with homemade dressing. Lebanese cuisine also includes meat options. The meat is usually grilled, at Paramount Fine Foods all of our meat is Halal, pertaining to restrictions and requirements that ensure it is pesticide, and hormone free. No antibiotics are given to the animals and that they are grass fed. This ensures that the meat is as healthy as it gets. It is usually served in cubes of chunks of shish tawouk (chicken breast), shish kabab (beef), lamb, kafta (ground beef), all prepared on skewer and grilled to perfection. The BBQ grill together with the fine meat makes for delicious platters. One skewer or lamb, about 3 OZ is just under 300 healthy calories. At Paramount Fine Foods, you are always given the options of having your grilled meat served with salad instead of rice and fries.

Shawarma , both chicken and meat is amongst the most popular meats in the middle east. It comes in Pita, with rice or fries or on a salad. Although a shawarma sand which is the middle eastern version of fast food, it's slow cooked, served with vegetables, and dressings that are sesame based or garlic based.

At Paramount Fine Foods, Lebanese cuisine is served at its finest. Everything is made fresh in house daily. We work with local farms and have our own butcher shop, ensuring the finest quality meat. 

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