Halal essentially is meat (excluding pork, meat from any carnivorous animals or birds of prey) that has been prepared according to Halal guidelines. These guidelines require that only certain types of meat can be eaten and that the meat must be prepared in a specific way. In addition, the animal must have been fed a natural diet that did not contain animal by-products. The Halal method of preparing an animal for food allows maximum drainage of blood from the animal's body. Blood in meat makes it more susceptible to putrefaction and also negatively impacts taste. As a result, Halal meat tastes better, is healthier and stays fresh longer due to the absence of blood, making it resistant to bacteria.

The Halal method of preparing animals is not only the most hygienic, but it is also the most humane for the animal. The methods are rooted in the belief that all animals should be treated with respect and well cared for. When you eat Halal meat you will be assured that the animal was slaughtered in a manner that limited the amount of pain the animal had to endure.

The Paramount Group has been Certified Halal by the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA), and Canada Halal Examination and Certification (CHEC), indicating that our meats are in compliance with the strict Islamic guidelines. We guarantee our partnered slaughterhouse follows the appropriate hand slaughtering method by making surprise visits twice every month. We even escalated our strict Halal monitoring by having certifiers make frequent visits to the slaughterhouse. Paramount will not accept any shipments from the slaughterhouse without the stamp of approval from these reputable certifying bodies. Committed to serving the best, we offer complete traceability.

Our Team consists of individuals who work together as a team to facilitate all aspects of Paramount Fine Foods. We are a unique team with one vision, compromising of all ages, ethnicities and religious backgrounds with various strengths.