Donations and Sponsorships Back to Community

At Paramount Fine Foods, we believe that community is everything. We have a proud history of giving back to the community and being part of events that positively contribute to the economic and social well-being of the community as a whole. There is no better investment, than investing in the communities in which we operate. Our community outreach team is dedicated to being part of local charity events, partnering with organizations, sponsorships, and youth programs. Due to the high volume of sponsorships and donation requests, although we would love to, we are unable be part of all events and sponsorships that are submitted due to limited resources.

Only online applications will be considered for review. Application

Applications must be submitted 6 weeks in advance of the date of the event.

If approved, a community outreach member will contact you through email or by phone within 2 weeks of receiving your application.

We thank you for choosing Paramount Fine Foods.


We believe that local events are essential for improving the community, and are a fun way to give back. Paramount Fine Foods’ main focusesare events that support but are not exclusive to kids and youth, families in need, education, health and wellness, art and culture, and youth sports. We look for organizations and events with an aim that is aligned with that of Paramount Fine Foods.

We do:
  • Support non-for profit organizations
  • Prefer organizations with a registered charity number from Revenue Canada
  • Support events and organizations where Paramount Find Foods operate
  • Charities and organization that have a direct impact on the community
  • Prefer organization and events with social media presence and website
  • Programs with measurable outcome and who identify the impact of their event/organization through reports and numerical assessments
  • Specify how the product is to be used, handled and displayed
  • Require appropriate recognition
We do NOT:
  • Allow for any of our products to be re-sold
  • Support any businesses or organizations that are not aligned with our business goals and strategies
  • Work with businesses or organizations that generate revenue through the sales and production of alcohol and tobacco
  • Support private organizations, personal pursuits, third-party efforts, private events and conferences, travel expenses, for-profit organization, fraternal organizations, and private schools